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Fences Clacton & Fencing Supplies Clacton

Fence Direct is a leading online retailer of garden fencing supplies, trellis and soft landscaping products. We keep large stock of fencing supplies ready for immediate delivery throughout Clacton. Buy online or call our sales office on 0330 133 0896

Are you looking for Fencing Supplies Clacton?

Based in Clacton-On-Sea, we are able to deliver our fencing supplies throughout Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge & Hertfordshire using our own fleet of vehicles.

We stock a large variety of styles and sizes of fence panels and fencing products available. Choose from traditional fencing including the popular lap panels to our fashionable contemporary fences.

Picket fencing is a popular fencing option for a front garden. In addition to our fence panels, we also stock a large selection of garden trellis panels which add character to your outdoor space.

Fencing Supplies delivered to Clacton for FREE

Fence panels / Fencing supplies are big and bulky by nature, although we do offer a collection option we know most of our customers prefer to have their new fences delivered in Clacton. All orders come with free delivery when you spend £199 or more.

Wooden & Concrete Fence Posts Clacton

We keep thousands of fence posts in stock at our depot in Clacton.

Concrete fence posts in all styles including corner, 3-way, end fence posts and regular intermediate concrete fence posts in heights from 5ft to 9ft.

Timber fence posts in lengths from 1.8M to 3M in 3"x3", 4"x4", 5"x3" and heavy duty 6"x6" pyramid top gate posts.

Concrete & Wooden Gravel Boards Clacton

Gravel boards are a key component in a strong, long lasting fence. 

We stock a range of gravel boards in both concrete and timber, including 6ft x 1ft smooth faced gravel boards, 6ft x 1ft recessed gravel boards and 150MM x 22MM pressure treated timber gravel boards

Rapid Set Postmix Clacton

Gone are the days of using sand and cement to set fence posts. Rapid set postmix is the fast, efficient and affordable alternative. 

Postmix can set firm within 10 minutes in ideal conditions, find out more about our postmix here. Don't forget, we offer free delivery to Clacton when you spend £199.

Garden Gates Clacton

We are able to offer garden gates, driveway gates and bespoke gates for residents of Clacton. Call our sales office on 0330 133 0896 to place an order.

A Bit About Garden Fencing Supplies

Ownership of a fence on a boundary varies. The last relevant original title deed(s) and a completed seller's property information form may document which side has to put up and has installed any fence respectively; the first using "T" marks/symbols (the side with the "T" denotes the owner). The latter by a ticked box to the best of the last owner's belief with no duty, as the conventionally agreed conveyancing process stresses, to make any detailed, protracted enquiry.

Historically "good side" or "face" of the fencing was commonly faced to the non-owner's side so the fence owner might access the posts when repairs are needed but this is not a legal requirement and the vast majority of clients choose the have new fences installed with the "good side" or "face" of the fence towards themselves.

Although this has been common practice for years, there are certain circumstances where we advise otherwise, if your garden backs onto an alley or carpark for example, because back rails on our closeboard panels could be used as a make-shift ladder.

Where estate planners wish to entrench privacy a close-boarded fence or equivalent well-maintained hedge of a minimum height may be stipulated by deed. Beyond a standard height planning permission is necessary.

Where a rural fence or hedge has (or in some cases had) an adjacent ditch, the ditch is normally in the same ownership as the hedge or fence, with the ownership boundary being the edge of the ditch furthest from the fence or hedge.

The principle of this rule is that an owner digging a boundary ditch will normally dig it up to the very edge of their land, and must then pile the spoil on their own side of the ditch to avoid trespassing on their neighbour.

They may then erect a fence or hedge on the spoil, leaving the ditch on its far side. Exceptions exist in law, for example where a plot of land derives from subdivision of a larger one along the centre line of a previously-existing ditch or other feature, particularly where reinforced by historic parcel numbers with acreages beneath which were used to tally up a total for administrative units not to confirm the actual size of holdings, a rare instance where Ordnance Survey maps often provide more than circumstantial evidence namely as to which feature is to be considered the boundary.

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