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18 Inch Medium Tee Hinges (Pair)..
Ex Tax: £4.96
50MM Fence Panel Clip
Selling Fast
50MM Fence Panel Clip Designed to securely attach fence panels to wooden fence posts..
Ex Tax: £0.58
6 Inch Brenton Padbolt
Out Of Stock
6 Inch Brenton Padbolt..
Ex Tax: £4.13
70MM GATEMATE® Premium Long Throw Lock - Double Locking A high-quality 70mm double locking key locking bolt, ideal for wooden garage doors or addition garden gate security. 28 milimetres drill bit in the box with all other fixings to make the installation easierGATEMATE® locks are supplied wit..
Ex Tax: £41.63
8 x 110mm Express Nail..
Ex Tax: £0.24
Annular Ring Shank Nails 2.5kg
Out Of Stock
Annular Ring Shank Nails 2.5kg..
Ex Tax: £14.96
Easy-Close Auto Gate Catch..
Ex Tax: £4.13
Fence Panel Security Bracket For securing wooden fence panels together to stop them being removed from concrete posts...
Ex Tax: £2.74
GATEMATE® Premium Long Throw Lock Pull Handle..
Ex Tax: £9.96
Gravel Board Bracket for 12 Inch Concrete Gravel Board This Gravel Board Bracket for 12 Inch Concrete Gravel Board is designed for use with a 12 inch concrete gravel board..
Ex Tax: £5.79
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